Coordinate with Confidence

With InsiteVR Meetings your project teams can find and address more issues than with traditional 2D tools.


Reduce costly surprises

Eliminate model error ambiguity. Validate designs and identify issues before construction begins and it’s too late.


Understand the Space

Experience designs from a human perspective to increase understanding and confidence across all project collaborators.


improve confidence

Coordinating with VR meetings helps ensure everyone is on the same page about issues and resolutions.

Trusted by Industry Leaders


Why InsiteVR?

Built for AEC review and coordination meetings, InsiteVR has what you need to improve project delivery.



Direct integrations with existing aec tools

All you need to get started is a BIM 360, Navisworks, Revit, or Sketchup model. In the click of a button your model will be VR ready and synced to the InsiteVR cloud for your coordination meetings.




VR meetings made easy

Inviting collaborators to your VR meeting is as easy as sending them a link. Participants can see other as VR avatars, talk over VOIP, and review model issues together. Compatible across desktop and standalone VR like Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.



BUILT-IN Issue Tracking

Keeping track of issues identified during a VR meeting is critical. With speech-to-text annotations you can easily flag issues identified without removing your headset or requiring a second person for note taking.





InsiteVR will automatically generate a PDF report of your annotations and screenshots so you can review and address issues after your VR meeting.


InsiteVR is the only VR meeting platform for AEC that supports both desktop and mobile VR.